Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Yesterday was a trying day for me! I was woken up early in the morning by an irate friend telling me that his email account was clogged with my emails and that i should do something to put an end to the madness. At first i did not know what he was talking about. I stumbled out of bed into the bathroom and splashed some water into my groggy eyes. I went straight to my laptop to access my mail. To my horror, i saw what was happening! Members from my web mailing list were inundating my box with pleas and threats, asking me to 'unsubsribe' them from the list. So i started unsubscribing them one by one. As i was doing so, even more mail was pouring in from all around the world asking me to stop sending emails.

What actually happened was that there was a small 'glitch' in the setup of the mailing list. The mailing list address was revealed at the bottom of each email that was sent, allowing the list members to respond to all 2000 list members with their responses. Some person somewhere (God bless him!), instead of just hitting the 'unsubscribe' tab, sent an email to the whole list! Everytime someone wrote to the list, every member on the list got an email. That was what was clogging everybody's email account!

After many desperate attempts to reach my web designer/ Administrator in India, i had no other way but to delete the whole list in desperation to stop this madness!

Whilst i will use this posting to apologise to as many readers as possible, i would also like to request readers to send me an email at: jodias27@gmail.com telling me to re-list you on my website. This time around, i promise to be more careful with the mailing list.

I looked at my emails this morning and let out a long sigh of relief that the nightmare had passed at last!

God be praised!

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